Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall Update

Okay, so, yes, I’ve been lax in my updating of this site. And since my last entry much has happened!

We are preparing for a big trip in our brand new (to us) minivan. We purchased a 2002 Honda Odyssey (something I’ve wanted for quite a while) from my boss last month. It’s great because all five of us (mama, daddy, Jordan, Aron and papa) can fit in there comfortably. There is a DVD player and two headsets so the kids can watch a video while the rest of the car listens to the radio. The kids can open and close they automatic doors, which they love. They can get in and out themselves. It’s great. We have yet to prepare and put on the market one of our existing cars. We are debating over which one to sell.

So all five of us are headed to Washington DC this Friday. Eric has his annual Society of Biblical Studies meetings. He also has interviews with some of the colleges to which he applied for fall 2007 academic jobs.

We are meeting up with the Cox family. Ron will also be attending meetings. Shelly, Paul, Sam, Joel, Eliot, Papa Pete, Jordan, Aron and I will entertain ourselves over the weekend and Monday at various events in and around DC. And then we’ll all have Thanksgiving together and go our separate ways on Friday.

I’m very much looking forward to getting out of town for a few days. When last I wrote I had embarked on a new adventure, going out twice a week to develop a prospect base and presenting our process of Compliance Check. It was a great learning experience and I’m glad I did it, but what I learned most was that I really enjoy my role as Director of Operations and at heart I am an Administrator, not a Salesperson. That’s a good thing to know. So I’m back doing my job fulltime which is freeing up my evenings and my mental stress to spend time with and enjoy my children. Who are a kick, let me tell you!

They love going to school. They go Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Papa drops them off and they have lunch. Then they play and read stories and do art work and have a nap and play some more. I used to pick them up, but now that the soccer season has finished, Eric does it, something he really enjoys. Their school pictures are on the site.

On Mondays we all go to the Suzuki School for Rhythm and Movement. Jordan and Aron had their first ‘performance’ a week ago at a Barnes and Noble. There are pictures on the site.

Jordan (and I) decided she’s not quite ready for violin, so we’ve put that on hold and I’ve taken her lesson time to get back into it myself. It’s surprising to me first at how much I remember, and also how difficult it is to really make it sound good (I’d forgotten that part). I’m hoping my practicing and displaying a routine of music will encourage both of them to be interested in some sort of instrument in the future. For now, they love the Rhythm and Movement and that’s enough.

They had so much fun at Halloween this year. They were a shark (Aron) and a unicorn (Jordan) – pictures are on the site. After every house Aron would say “Let’s go get MORE candy.” And “candy” has been the most requested foodstuffs when prompted “what would you like to eat.” Daddy had fun too, but then, it IS his mostest favorite holiday.

Soccer at Trinity is over for the season. They were conference champs and went to State, where they narrowly lost the state championship. It was a good season for everyone. My dad said good bye and Eric let them know that he’s applied for jobs out of state so who knows what the future holds.

Potty Training has pretty much been accomplished. Still a couple of accidents here and there, but they get it and know how to do it, so that’s good.

We’ve really hit the exploration stage of being three. Aron is flushing things down the toilet that don’t go down (we’ve had a plumber out twice, not to mention the self attempt at removing the toilet). Jordan loves to draw. And bake. She recently drew all over the TV. And one night at about 3 I woke up and noticed there were lights on. I peeked out to find Jordan “making something.” Which amounted to flour ALL OVER.

It’s so very difficult to get too upset with them when they look at you with those big puppy dog eyes and are so “sincere” in their apologies.

They are so talkative. And funny.

Well, I better get back to work. Just wanted everyone to know what’s happening.
We miss you all!

Rikka, Eric, Aron and Jordan.