Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Last Winter - or rather, this past Spring - our gas insert for our fire place gave up the ghost. We have not yet replaced it and I believe the cost would be around $400. It's not something I can afford at the moment.
But this weekend I believe it would serve us well. These are pictures from my drive to work this morning.
  Eric is leaving town this evening. He has his annual SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) Conference. It is held in Boston this year. It is also his annual first interview season. He has two scheduled for this weekend.
  Since he won't be around, I'm planning fun things for the kids to keep us from going stir-crazy. In preparation for Thanksgiving we have the house to clean up and food to purchase. But tomorrow I plan to take the clan sledding (assuming, of course, I can find the sleds).
  Afterward I plan to have a cup of hot cocoa - probably spiked. But the fireplace would be nice at that point, don't you think?
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