Thursday, December 14, 2006

...pointless as arguing with a 3 year old

This morning at around 3 my daughter came into my room and started crying "HELP HELP HELP". I turned on my bedside light, which is usually the problem - she can't see to get to my bed.

Both my children have formed the horrible habit of coming into our bed at some point in the middle of the night. I don't usually hear or wake up when Aron comes in because he's quite and he goes around to Eric's side of the bed (he needs no light, apparently he's part cat... or bat.)

Jordan always wakes me by crying for "Help!" which, as explained above has to do with the lack of light.

This morning she continued screaming after I turned on the light. When I asked her what was wrong, she exclaimed through her tears that she was "Skired." I asked what she was scared of and she said "KC."

KC, one of our two black lab mix dogs was lying with his head sort of by the door way, she had plenty of room to walk around, but she was "skired" nonetheless. She made it over that hurdle and jumped into bed with me.

My mother came back from Washington state this past weekend and is in town for a month. Last night, Wednesday, was Choir night for my dad and I at church and Eric, of course, had soccer. The typical Wednesday is Eric and I meet at the Chiropractor's office around 5, get adjusted, transfer kids and cars, he goes to soccer and I go to church and meet my dad. There is a meal and then the kids play in the nursery with their friends while Dad and I go to our respective bible study hours. Then we have choir until 8:30 and we take the kids home and I put them to bed.

Yesterday my parents took the kids, and I met them at church. Mom decided she could take the kids home earlier because it tends to be a late night for them. She left with the kids around 7.

So back to the middle of the night, I notice as Jordan climbs on top of me that she is not wearing any underwear under her pajamas. Which I file away as weird, but don't think anything of it.

Then I roll over, and notice Aron is next to me... and he is wet... and my bed is wet... and he, too, is not wearing any underwear.

So I turn the light on, pick up Aron to take him to the bathroom and change his clothes. Jordan starts screaming because she doesn't want the light on. Aron wakes up and starts screaming because he was perfectly happy wet and asleep, thank you very much.

I put Aron in a pull-up, which he still requires every night. While I'm putting him in dry pajama bottoms, Jordan decides she needs to go potty. When she's done I attempt to put her in underwear (she does not require pull-ups anymore). But she starts screaming that she wants a pull-up. And at this point I am beyond caring just so long as they both shut up and go to sleep. Finally I get them dressed and in their own beds - which in and of it self was a battle.

Note to self - break bad habit of children joining you in bed at night.

Then I head back to my room where Eric has blissfully slept through this entire episode. And I turn on the lights and start stripping the bed, to which he awakes with a unenthusiastic groan. I change the sheets, he gets back in bed and I lay down and try to get back to sleep.

Funny how one's mind focuses on the stupidest little things at 3:45 in the morning. Like what I'm going to buy people for Christmas and how I'm going to afford it and how I'm going to word my journal entry of this experience.

I finally must of drifted off because I awoke to my alarm at 6 with, thankfully, only Eric in the bed with me.

I realize that since Mom has been gone for 4 months, she doesn't yet have a handle on what is just "known" as far as the kids are concerned - as in, Aron needs pull-ups at night, and the pull-ups are located in the closet outside the bathroom.

It's amazing how much one takes for granted as knowledge.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Just so everyone knows, I have set up a MySpace account.

It's got a cool slide show of pics from Thanksgiving. Also, the song playing is by Nilz' band Oxford.

Thanksgiving in DC

Lots has happened, of course, since my last update. I’m sure that has to do with the fact that I haven’t updated in a while. But also, we took a family vacation over Thanksgiving and that was an exciting adventure.

Thursday before we left, Eric picked up the kids at school and someone hit the van while he was inside. They left without leaving a note or anything. It was an ominous beginning to our trip. Fortunately it was not a foretaste of things to come. The weather, however was. It rained all day Thursday and that continued for many of the days on our trip.

We left Friday morning with the van completely packed, including KC and Thumper who we had to drop off at the kennel on the way out of town. As an aside, this was their first kennel experience and we are told they did VERY well. And seem none worse for the wear since. Anyway, that’s Eric in the driver’s seat, me in the passenger seat, Jordan and Aron in captain chairs in the middle, Dad scrunched in the back, KC at Aron’s feet, Cooler and snacks at Jordan’s feet, DVDs/pillows and blankets between them and Thumper in back somewhere with my dad. It was an interesting 10 miles or so to the kennel.

The trip itself was fine. I think I took the first sleeping shift, which involved sitting in the way back and being able to lie down. Eric took the first driving shift, which left my dad to be at Aron and Jordan’s beck-and-call. They watched a lot of DVDs.

Somewhere around Ohio we stopped for a snack and Eric took the sleeping position, Dad took over driving and I kept kids contented. Also, I realized that I had The DaVinci Code Audiobook on my iPod, and my dad hadn’t read it, so we listened to that while he was driving.

I think it was Pennsylvania when Eric took over driving again and dad went back to the sleeping position. I think we left South Bend around 10:30 and ended up in DC around 9:30 or 10. We dropped off Eric at his hotel and drove up to Baltimore to spend a few days with my friend Debbie and her husband, Joe.

During our stay in Baltimore we visited Port Discovery, the kid’s museum and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, complete with a Dolphin Show. The kids were very excited. There are pictures on the website.

After a day of doing pretty much nothing we headed into DC for the remainder of our trip. We met up with the Cox’s and spent the rest of the week as our former extended family.

We saw the general usual sites (walked along the mall). We went to the Zoo (it poured). We stopped in the Natural History Museum (to see the Dinosaurs). The neatest thing was a 3-D movie at the IMAX theater called SHARKS! Aron got a kick out of that.

Shelly’s cousin lives in Virgina and graciously invited all 11 of us to Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful to go to a home and enjoy the afternoon with a family. They had 3 kids ranging from 2-10 and all 9 children seemed to really enjoy each other. The meal was fantastic and it was nice to be out of the hotel for the day.

Friday we drove back which was pretty uneventful. Dad and I got through more of The DaVinci Code. We didn’t finish it, however, until we got home and listened whenever we could over the weekend.

Eric had two interviews while he was at his meetings; one with Birmingham Southern College and one with St. Ambrose University. He hadn’t applied to St. Ambrose prior to the meetings, they contacted him. Since our return he’s applied there and to Regis College in Denver. We still know nothing, but we are ready for whatever might happen.

Since our return I have made the decision to pay a service to clean our house every other week. It’s really been a long time coming. They came for the first clean on Wednesday. I’m so sad I didn’t do this earlier. My house has never been cleaner. And it was such a wonderful feeling to get home after choir Wednesday night and find the house just… immaculate.

I think I mentioned already that Jordan has decided not to play violin, at least for the time being. I’ve been taking her lesson time instead and I am enjoying getting back into it. I realize I have a lot yet to learn and relearn, but I feel I’m making progress and that’s a plus.

Tomorrow Dad, the kids and I are headed to Chicago to pick up my mom (Grammie) who will be in town through Christmas. Jeff is also coming, I think next weekend.

The kids have their second concert next weekend and following that my parents, Jeff and the kids are going to drive out to Madison to visit Nilz and Kelly while Eric and I stay here and celebrate our 12th (yes, that is TWELVE YEARS!!!) Anniversary.

Everything else is maintaining the status quo for the time being. Christmas Shopping will have to be started soon.

We hope you all are doing well, and we’d love to hear from you.

Rikka, Eric, Aron and Jordan