Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Letter 2007

Well, I sent out some Christmas Cards (only a few, if you didn't get one, I apologize.... this is all it was.)

However, there were no updates or anything included with the cards, so I thought I'd post a Christmas Letter to let y'all know what the Stewarts have been up to as of late.

It's been a crazy fall, I have to say.
* My dad left us in August - sold his house (finally) and moved back to Washington with my Mom. Undoubtedly this is where he belongs, but we miss him all the same. It was time for Eric and I to figure out this whole "parenthood" thing on our own. It's been a challange, but the kids are still alive and well.
* Eric's parents came to visit us over Labor Day. It was a fabulous visit and we enjoyed the typical spoiling that goes along with Tom and Judi visits.
* My mom came to visit about a week after Tom and Judi left. I gave her a project - redecorating the kids' bedroom and bathroom. It's fabulous - there are pictures:
Kids' Suite Remodel
I realize if we move it'll have to be redone.
* Nilz and Kelly visit a couple days after my mom left. Project for them too - replace lights, etc. Very fun visit - Nilz went fishing with Aron. Kelly made a pizza that got eaten by the dogs (okay, that wasn't so fun). We hope they come back soon.
* Eric spends many many many hours preparing applications for jobs for Fall 2008.
* Aron decided he wants to be Jack Spellington for Halloween. Jordan wants to be a princess, even though I tell her that's not much of a stretch. The actual princess outfit we find is Snow White from Shrek the Third - tatoo and all. There are pictures:
Halloween 2007

* Rikka misses Trick-or-Treating because of choir rehersal.
* My dad and I miss each other completely as I fly to Florida for training and he flies here to help out.
* All four of us meet Tom and Judi in Southern California for 1) Eric's interviews and 2) a vacation of a lifetime. There are pictures:
Southern California Trip

* My parents come to visit about a week after we return from So. Cal. We had a great visit - went by too quickly. I gave my dad a project - a new sink in the kids room.
* Eric gets a second interview to one school and a "no go" on two others. Still waiting to hear on the fourth.
* Rikka obsessively watches HGTV to figure what all she needs to do to get her house ready to sell should the news come through that we are moving.

Next Saturday (the 29th) we will head to Albuquerque for a week to spend with Tom and Judi and Dave and Jamie and Tony and Gene. We are looking forward to that. In the meantime we are planning for our first every Christmas alone - just the four of us.

We wish you every blessing this holiday season.

The Stewarts
Eric, Rikka, Aron and Jordan