Friday, July 13, 2007

Conversations including almost-four-year-olds!

Aron: Mama?
Me: Yes, Aron?
Aron: You're Rikka?
Me: Yes, Aron?
Aron: You're My Mommy?
Me: Yes, Aron?
Aron: Ashley is Mother of Avery?
Me: Yes, Ashely is Avery's Mom... and Julia's.
Aron: Who's Kevin?
Me: Kevin is Avery and Julia's Dad.
Aron: No, WHERE's Kevin?
Me: I imagine he is either at home or at work.
Aron: Huh?
Me: *sneeze*
Aron: God Bless You!
Me: Thank you!
Jordan: Aron, here's your donut!
Aron (as he's putting on his last shoe): NO! I'm not dressed yet!
Jordan: Oh, well, here you go.
Aron: Thank you.... Mama?
Me: Yes, Aron?
Aron: This my donuhnut?
Me: Yes, Aron, that's your donut... you need to eat it in the car, though, because it's time to go to school.
Aron (opening the bag and looking in): Oh... wait! this is Jordan's!
Me: Go trade with her.
Aron (running): JORDAN!!!! *beat* *WHINE*
Aron: Jordan, this your donuhnut!
Jordan: No, No, Aron... listen my eyes! Once you get in the car, I give you your donut...OKAY?
Aron: NO!!! *beat* MAAAAAMMMMAAAA!!!!

Aren't 4 year olds FUN?????