Saturday, August 21, 2010

Running Away

Last weekend we spent a lot of the weekend cleaning up and organizing. The kids room especially and the two living rooms (upstairs and downstairs). For the most part those four areas have remained picked up. This Saturday when the parents emerged, the kids had made a little mess in each of the four rooms. We asked them to pick them all up before we do fun things. (What a concept!)

Jordan decided that she hated me and she wanted to move somewhere else - with someone "nice". She convinced Aron to at least accompany her on her journey. They needed my help tying the bags they packed onto their broom sticks.

I made sure they picked up their rooms before they actually left (wouldn't want to ruin my reputation as the "Meanest Mommy on the planet".)

I asked where they were going. Aron said to "Gramma Judi's". She's a LOT nicer than I am. I asked how they were going to get there:

A: Take a taxi to the airport
Me: How are you going to get a taxi?
A: Stand at the end of the driveway? No, we'll walk somewhere and catch one.
Me: How are you going to pay for the taxi?
A: It'll be free.
Me: No, I don't think so.
A: We'll stop by a bank.
Me: How will you get money out of the bank? You don't have any money IN the bank!
A: The bank has money.
Me: Yes, but it isn't yours, you don't have an account.
A: What's an account?
Me: It's a place where you put your money to keep it safe and you can get it later.
A: *stumped for a minute*

Jordan decides they are going to ride their bikes. They figure out that they can't carry the broomsticks AND ride their bikes at the same time. So they take the bags off the brooms and put them on their bike handles.

They ride off.

They come back about 2 minutes later looking for a picture of Mommy, Daddy, Aron and JOrdan. We find one and they leave again. I tell them I love them and I'll miss them. Aron assures me he'll be back.

When I get downstairs I find a note.


"Dear Mom"

"Dear Mom, I can't go cleaning up. I need to go away. From Jordan."

I call Shelly.

About 10 minutes later they come back.

Me: Are you going out again?
Jordan: No, NeJai's not home.
Me: Unpack your bags please.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Notes from 7-yr-olds

Lately Aron and Jordan have begun leaving notes. This first one, I believe written by Jordan, was on the door of the downstairs guest room. Inside the room were paper, markers, scissors, colored pencils, etc.  
After we got back from our trip to Washington, Friday night, I was exhausted. Eric wasn't home yet and school had just started Thursday. I fell asleep at around 7 reading while the kids were watching TV. I woke up around 8 to find Aron taping this note to my door. He translated for me "Mom, Jordan went to Nejai's. Mom, I'm outside."  
Gotta love those 7-year-old brains.
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